AWP Prep: The Round-up of Awesome AWP Articles

awp-writerAWP is now less than one week away – a mere few days, shall we say! – and we know you’ve been busy prepping. We have as well! We’ve been bringing you info in order to help you out with your AWP journey, whether you are a newbie or veteran. A LOT of people have been writing about AWP and tweeting about it in anticipation, and we figured we’ll give you the best that we could find on the web. Read, utilize, and enjoy:

Our friends over at Ploughshares have been stocking their blog with excellent resources for the conference. Check out The AWP13 Post You’ve Been Waiting ForLiterary Boston: Two Sides of Beacon Hill, and AWP Essentials. Be sure to check out their table, and go here for a listing of all the Ploughshares related events – and there will be many of them! Seems like the whole staff will be there!

Likewise, Grub Street has posted a listing of all the events they’re involved in on The Grubbie Guide to AWP 2013 (and there’s a lot of them!). Grub Street is also apparently throwing one of the big parties at Storyville called “Get Lit.”

Tin House has a hilarious AWP FAQ they just updated for Boston 2013. For example: “Q: What does AWP stand for? A: AWP stands for “Awkward Writers’ Powwow.” Some people will tell you that AWP stands for ‘The Association of Writers and Writing Programs’ but if that were true, the acronym wouldn’t be AWP, so duh.”

Here’s some really practical advice – like how to claim floor space at those filled panels – from Leslie Pietrzyk at Work-in-Progress: AWP: Tips on Surviving the Annual Migration.

Kate Gale at A Mind Never Dormant has a great AWP Boston Survival Guide, with more practical advice (“5. Do not plan on giving a manuscript to anyone at AWP. Everyone has enough to carry. They will throw it away.”).

Brian Oliu has kind of a wild post called AWP 13 Tips & Trix! over at his blog. It’s got some fun stuff in its prep list (“6. BE NICE writers are people too! they like kisses”), so go check it out.

The Indiana Review takes a bit of a step back and looks at the overall benefits of the conference for lit journals in AWP: What Is It Good For? They’ll also be there, so stop by the table and say hi.

Patrick Ross over at The Artist’s Road has also put together a A Round-Up of Resources for AWP 2013, including a link to his daily blog from last year’s AWP. He also writes about The Role of the AWP Conference in a Creative Writer’s Evolution.

Zack Rogow at Advice for Writers tells us what to expect that will be different from past AWP years in AWP 2013 Boston: What’s New This Year. He also provides tips on how to talk to editors and leave an impression in Tips for the AWP Conference, Part 2: Don’t Avoid the Book Fair.

If the conference is going to be anything like Kelly Davio says it’s been in the past… (Check out AWP Boston: My Plans for Survival [And Even Enjoyment]). She’ll also be there signing her new story collection Burn This House.

Hey, if you find any more articles on AWP, post the links below!

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